How to take care of palm plant indoor

How to take care of palm plant indoor

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Your last chance to order in time for Christmas will be Sunday the 12th December. The earliest delivery day after Christmas will be the 10th January. Wishing all our customers a Merry Christmas. Some species of these large indoor plants are a little tricky to look after, but all will provide years of pleasure with the right care.

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Parlor Palm Care

When I moved into my first apartment, my best friend gave me a gorgeous Cat Palm tree, in the prettiest little pot. I loved the tropical feel it gave my home then and I still love that same feel it gives me now! If you are dying to bring the beach inside, try one of these easy to grow indoor palm trees. Native to Southeastern Mexico, this plant loves it humid, damp, but not too sunny. Once mature, your plant can grow to reach feet tall. It loves hearty drinks of water, so water it often!

Luckily, there are many other types of indoor palm trees to choose from! Parlor Palms can grow well in any home if the soil is kept moist with plenty of drainages. Like the Cat Palm, it likes bright and indirect sunlight. Looking for something different? Check out the other kinds of indoor palm trees described below. Kentia Palm likes conditions a little drier than any of the other previously mentioned palm trees.

Water only once weekly, or just when the first few inches of soil become completely dry. This indoor palm tree is known for being a slow grower, but can get to be 60 feet tall if you let it!

Sago Palm will only grow well in your house if it is placed in an area of extremely bright light. It is a palm tree, after all! Allow the soil of your Sago Palm to dry out completely between waterings, and make sure the soil is well drained!

Sago Palms are poisonous to cats and dogs, so make sure you keep that in mind! Make sure you place your Manilla Palm in an area of full sun if you want your plant to thrive. Only water when the first few inches are dry to the tip of your finger.

Another indoor palm that is native to Mexico and can get to be an impressive 6 to 18 feet tall. The Ponytail loves to grow in winter heat, with no humidity. Again, only water your Ponytail Palm when the first few inches feel dry to the touch, or you will run the risk of root rot. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Last updated on November 6th, at pm When I moved into my first apartment, my best friend gave me a gorgeous Cat Palm tree, in the prettiest little pot. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

10 Types of Palm Trees You Can Grow Indoors

When mature, this palm is a picture of elegance. Its broad, fan-shaped foliage is carried on tall stems, making it a graceful ornamental for the home. You'll find that this palm is adaptable to average home temperatures and is easy to please. Treat it right and you'll enjoy your indoor palm for many years. Wondering whether to prune? Chinese fan palm doesn't need pruning to keep its shape.

How to grow Areca Palm: Planting the Areca with the help of seeds is a time-consuming process, and needs a lot of care. It would be easier to grow from offsets.

Phoenix Palm Care Guide

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Start with good soil. Give your palm a winning start with a quality potting mix. If the soil mix frees too much water, you'll have to water your palm more often and run the risk of drowning it. Leave at least an inch between the soil and the top of the pot. Give your palm plenty of light. Find a well-lit spot near a window, glass door or beneath a skylight. Palms will also absorb artificial light that's 40 to 50 centimetres above the foliage. Without enough light, your palms will also be more prone to disease.

How to Grow and Care for Areca Palm

Indoor palm plants can be an expensive choice of plant for the home However, they really do spruce up the look and feel of a living room, conservatory and other room's within a home or office.This palm is the most popular and well known, grown indoors. These are patient growers but after a few years of growth they can reach a height of about 3ft or more. Once they have developed in age and given the correct amount of light, they can produce small flowers.

Long fronds of shiny green leaves characterise this bushy, upright, low-maintenance palm which is also an air purifier. Keep out of direct sun to discourage leaf scorching.

8 Easy Tips on How to Care for Indoor Palm Plants

Palms are a much loved family of plants which, over the ages, have endeared themselves to gardeners everywhere. Whether they are placed in feature gardens, public parks or private courtyards, the grace and form of palms adds an atmosphere of relaxation and a hint of the tropics. This same effect can be repeated indoors where nothing can quite match the elegance of a well grown Kentia or Parlour Palm. Their compact root system allows palms to grow in containers for years. Light, temperature, exposure to sun and wind, available space and visual appearance are factors to be considered when selecting palms. The determining factor for many is whether it is for indoors or for outside.

A Guide to Growing Majesty Palms Indoors

Indoor palm trees make excellent additions to our modern living spaces. Not many house plants are quite as dramatic or elevate a room or hallway quite like a towering Kentia Palm, Chinese Fan, or Ponytail Palm. Looking for the best options for palm tree delivery? Check out 10 of our favorite palm tree nurseries and plant delivery specialists offering nationwide palm tree delivery throughout the United States. Palm trees or palms from the Arecaceae family are native to tropical and subtropical climates.

Why only enjoy the beachy feel of palm trees outside when you can take it inside with this list of indoor palm trees?

Indoor Palm Trees — Care and Tips For Indoor Palm Plants

Looking for indoor palms which are extremely easy to grow in the Indian climate? There are almost 50 types of indoor palm trees available around the world. Here, we have curated a list of the 6 best indoor palm trees suitable to grow in the Indian climate. Palms are among the best indoor plants to buy which add an elegant look to the living space.

Houseplant of the month: Areca palm

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The areca palm Dypsis lutescens AGM is one of the most popular houseplants, and no wonder, with its slender arching yellow stems and feathery evergreen leaves. Known also as the bamboo palm, butterfly palm or golden cane palm, it originates from the forests of Madagascar. These plants can eventually reach around 2m 6. Want to add some palms to your garden?

The Areca Palm is the most well-known palms that you can keep as a houseplant.

How to Grow Palms

Palm trees have shallow roots compared to other plants. Despite the small and weak roots, they can handle periods of drought and winter fairly well. Most people do and sometimes fail to realize the signs of an overwatered palm tree. Each type of palm tree has different water requirements. To prevent overwatering the plant, find out its watering requirements and stick to that plan. Overwatering palm trees can result in irreversible damages. It can lead to some palm tree diseases or even kill the palms if not saved on time.

Indoors, the palm tree is a powerful ornamental asset thanks to its designer palm leaves. It also makes the house a greener place to be. Our advice on how to make it last. Select a large container with a hole drilled in the bottom to settle your palm tree in.