The coquelourde: planting and maintenance

The coquelourde: planting and maintenance

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Rustic and aesthetic, the coquelourde is a perennial that will decorate your garden in a picturesque way.

The coquelourde in summary :

Latin name : Lychnis coronaria
Common name : Coquelourde des jardins
Family : Caryophyllaceae
Type : Perennial

Harbor : In tuft
Height : 45 to 70 cm
Planting density : 4 to 6 feet per m²
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Any type, but well drained

Flowering : July August

The garden coquelourdeis a hardy perennialwho knows how to resist and adapt to climatic conditions.

The crimson red color of its flowers contrasts perfectly with the downy gray of its leaves and makes the coquelourde a precious and original ally for your flower beds.

Planting the coquelourde

Particularly resistantand unconstrained, the cockle can be planted almost anywhere.

However, if you want to see her develop fully, give her a situation instead. sunny and a good floor drained.

Maintenance of the coquelourde

The coquelourde does not require special maintenance. There are however two actions to perform:

  • Eliminate faded flowersAs things progress. This gesture helps stimulate the appearance of new flowers.
    It also helps limit the spread by seed of the plant which, and this is perhaps its only flaw, can quickly become invasive.
  • In the fall, if you want to keep the coquelourde to a certain dimension, reduce the foliageto the desired level.

Multiplication of coquelourde

The coquelourdecan be multiplied in two different ways. If you are the patient type, then you will prefer the sowing. On the other hand, if you are in a hurry and want a quick result, in this case proceed by division.


Two choices are available to you:

  • Either you let the coquelourde reseed itself by direct sowingto obtain a natural result.
  • Either you control the operation by collecting the seeds. You can then sowin April in a mixture of potting soil and sand. Then water without excess and, in the fall, you can transplant the plants you have obtained.


The other option to get more feet from garden coquelourdeconsists of to dividethe perennial in several plants.

For it,

  • Pull up the plant in the fall with a garden fork and break up the root ball, being careful not to damage the roots too much.
  • Then plant your newly obtained feet.

Our advice: if you live in an area where the summers are rather dry, it is not advisable to perform the division in the spring. In fact, your plant will not then have the time necessary to recreate a root system that will allow it to cope with the lack of water.

Coquelourde diseases

The hardiness of the garden coquelourde allows it to resist disease well.

In terms of pests and pests, snails and slugs can tend to nibble on the leaves, but without consequence for the plant.

Employment and association

The garden coquelourde is a decorative plant, particularly floriferous(especially if you regularly cut dead flowers).

His side rusticallows a very varied use:

  • in beds;
  • or in borders;
  • in rockeries;
  • and in a pot.

In beds, the coquelourde can be associated with Veronica spicata‘Erika’ or Incana ’, Stachys byzantina or even Nepeta X faassenii.

You will thus obtain a magnificent shades of gray punctuated with crimson red, purple or pink.

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