The sound gardens of the Borie

The sound gardens of the Borie

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Located in the heart of a historic 17th century estate, the Jardins Sonores de La Borie illustrate the principles of the art of landscape and sound.

A true place of creation, they offer us a unique experience: discovering the landscape by listening. A unique route in the world that encourages walkers to play, learn, marvel and experience an exceptional moment with nature and the sound environment it produces.

The Jardins Sonores de La Borie project is directly linked to the La Borie Foundation project, a place of creation dedicated to music and the art of sound.

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In the heart of Limousin, a unique tourist spot in the world

Born from the passion and talent of 11 artist-craftsmen such as :

  • Louis Dandrel (sound designer), Emma Blanc (landscape designer), Patrick Rimoux (light sculptor), Sylvain Ravasse (luthier), Gilles Valette (cultivator of social ties), Pierre Lagedamon (botanist and gardener), Pierre Perraud (hydraulic engineer), Gérard Borde (CRAFT), Jean-Luc Thomas (responsible for the jacquaires integration projects), Nicole Guénégou (Architect) and Isabelle Depret-Bixio, director of the La Borie Foundation, these gardens constitute an ideal little world where it is good to stroll .

Sound gardens of the Borie, an enchanted walk

"At the end of the alley which leads to the La Borie estate, there is a labyrinth (...) Through the tall grass, the adventure begins" Louis Dandrel, co-creator of the Jardins Sonores de La Borie.

Extending over 14 hectares, the Jardins Sonores de La Borie are made up of several spaces forming an exceptional landscape violin:

  • the labyrinth,
  • the pond and its 100m2 ceramic instrument,
  • the water path,
  • the green theater,
  • the oratory and its musical vessel,
  • the wood of music,
  • the orchard-vegetable garden,
  • the dovecote where we orchestrate,
  • plants and meadows with a light effect ...

True place of innovation, expression and listening, the garden leads visitors to discover landscapes that change with the seasons. Combining the natural sounds and the sounds of original ceramic and porcelain instruments, the Jardins Sonores de La Borie showcase the region's know-how. Each universe reveals its own music: the pond reflects the sounds, the labyrinth is a space for games and sounds, the waterfalls make the instruments ring.

Epicureans will be able to discover the richness of the landscape along the way, and observe theextraordinary vegetable palette : bamboo groves, reed beds, flowery meadows, grasses, willow trees, plants with light effects ... Nature lovers will undoubtedly be tempted by this vegetable delight.

The Jardins Sonores de La Borie will amaze enthusiasts, neophytes, children and adults.

Jardins Sonores de La Borie, listen!

Domaine de La Borie

87110 Solignac
Phone. : + 33 (0) 5 55 31 84 84 Fax: + 33 (0) 5 55 31 84 85

Video: Black Hole Sun Acoustic Cover (July 2022).


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