Mediterranean garden: ideas for planting

Mediterranean garden: ideas for planting

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Here is an example of a Mediterranean garden presented at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2010.

The English love Provence and this garden has been very successful

It was designed by James Towillis for the Occitane.

Olive tree, oleander and lavender are not the only emblems of Provence.

Create a Mediterranean garden

The garden is set on terraces retained by low walls that Mediterranean gardeners call restanques. In the hollow of the terraces, we leave the thyme to settle down, or there valerian which is a great friend of old walls and gives them a little color.

The color palette of this garden is typically based on gray and blue shades which rest and dampen the force of light, with touches of red and orange to energize everything.

Gray and silvery foliage is often aromatic.

Lavender, sage, mugwort, thyme and rosemary are plants to be installed along the path to perfume the walk.

The blue flowers are those of borage, a beautiful annual that reseeds itself, it is a honey plant.

Lavender will take over, after butterfly lavender on the left which is already blooming.

Another blue flower for the Mediterranean garden: iris pallida, native to southern Europe.

The touches of warm colors are very light for keep a cool side to the whole, the poppy brings a lot by its shape and texture. We can replace worries with benoît (borisii or Mrs Bradshaw) who like dry, well-drained soils.

The whole gives a bucolic garden, which requires relatively low maintenance apart from refreshing the lavenders after flowering to keep them in a nice shape. It’s a real good idea for a holiday garden!

Where to install this garden? This type of garden is set up in a place with full sun in well-drained soil.

The perennials used are quite hardy, but not the trees: thealmond holds up to -5 ° C and theOlivier down to -10 ° C, you must provide protection for winter if you install this garden in a non-Mediterranean climate.

Tip about the Mediterranean garden

The climate is important and only a climate close to the Mediterranean climate can create this type of garden.

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