Mulching: usefulness, advantage and ideas for mulching in the garden

Mulching: usefulness, advantage and ideas for mulching in the garden

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Mulching is a trendy product that protects, decorates and promotes the development of all your plantations.

An ecological product, its use is very beneficial for your plants and for your garden while avoiding the least pleasant gardening task: weeding!

So do not hesitate to use mulching because, beyond its very decorative appearance, it has many ecological and economic advantages!

Benefits of mulching

Mulching is one of the booming products today and it is not only for its aesthetic and decorative character!

  • This is an excellent "Weedkiller" because it prevents weeds from growing.

Thanks to the opaque layer that it forms on the surface, it prevents weeds and therefore avoids the use of chemical herbicides.

  • It’s a great protective against cold and winter frosts!

A thickness of 3 to 4 cm is sufficient to protect the roots from frost, especially for container culture.
It will maintain the root system in optimal conditions for a good recovery in spring.

  • All mulches of plant origin are a 100% natural fertilizer !

Their slow decomposition in the soil will provide important nutrients that will promote the development of your plantations.

  • Mulching prevents water evaporation. You limit watering and therefore do something for the environment.

There are 2 main families of mulch:

  • Mineral mulch : schist, pozzolan, pebbles or even clay balls
  • Plant mulch : Pine bark, cocoa shells, flax, dried leaves, shearing

As you can see, mulching only has advantages and is one of the products capable of replacing products that do not necessarily respect our land.

Mulching attracts birds

By creating a favorable ground for the development of the ecosystem, it is the larvae, worms and insects that you will attract under your mulch.

Then the birds will come to feed on it.

Mulching therefore promotes the ecosystem in your garden and therefore offers our bird friends a great pantry, especially in winter.

Some plants dread mulching

Note that some plants fear the excess moisture generated by mulching and should therefore be used with caution.

Among them we find the Mediterranean plants which deserve a summer mulch but rather thin. Succulents or rock garden plants and low walls that need dry and sometimes even arid soil.


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