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Deutzia: a beautiful flowering shrub

Deutzia: a beautiful flowering shrub

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The deutzia is a wonderful spring flowering shrub.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Deutzia
Family : Hydrangeaceae
Type : Shrub

: 1 to 3 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

: Expired -Flowering : May to August

Proper planting and maintenance improves the growth and flowering of deutzia. (Photo: © Olesia Sarycheva)

Planting deutzia

For planting deutzia, it is best toplant in the fall in order to promote rooting and resumption in spring.

You can also plant the potted deutzias outside this period, avoiding periods of frost or high heat.

  • The deutzia likes rather sunny situations.
  • It likes rich, well-drained soils, this is where it flowers best.
  • Adding an amendment when planting improves recovery and rooting.
  • Water well during the first 2 years after planting.

Deutzia cutting

Deutzia multiplies quite easily by twig cuttings, this is the easiest method of multiplication.

Deutzia cuttings take place at the end of summer, on semi-hardened wood, that is to say that has not yet hardened or browned but is in the hardening phase.

  • Take deutzia twigs about 15 cm.
  • Remove the bottom leaves so that only one or 2 pair (s) of leaves are left.
  • Plant the cuttings in special cutting potting soil or a mixture of peat and river sand.
  • Keep the substrate slightly damp.

> Protect your cuttings before winter,

  • Protect your cuttings with a tunnel, a greenhouse or any other means of maintaining them at a temperature above 5 °.

> Transplant in spring,

  • After any risk of frost, around mid-May, transplant into a larger pot.
  • Planting your deutzia cuttings in the ground will take place the following fall.

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Pruning and caring for deutzia

Once in place, deutzia requires relatively little maintenance.

It does, however, require some care, both pruning and watering to improve flowering and growth.

Deutzia size:

  • Prune the new year's twigs by about half after flowering.
  • To reshape or reduce your deutzia, an annual summer pruning, after flowering, is quite possible.
  • A frankly pruned deutzia can take over a year to bloom again, but it is sometimes necessary after several years. (© Zsolt.Palatinus)

Watering the deutzia and fertilizer:

Regular watering during the year of planting is recommended to promote rooting

  • In summer, in case of strong heat or drought, you can water in the morning or in the evening
  • For potted deutzia, watering is necessary when the soil becomes dry because the needs are greater than in the ground.
  • In the spring, adding fertilizer to flowering shrubs will significantly improve flowering.
  • Over time, the needs can become more and more important, it will be necessary to repeat the operation 2 to 3 times in the year.

Good to know about deutzia

The deutzia has a very nice flowering in spring which will last for a good part of the summer.

This shrub is very decorative and no less rustic, which makes it a very easy and accessible shrub for all gardeners.

It is resistant to cold and frost as it resists negative temperatures of around -20 °.

The genus deutzia groups together about sixty species. Its flowering ranges from white to pink-purple depending on the variety.

  • You will use it as well in hedges, isolated, as in clumps shrubs.

Smart tip about deutzia

In spring, put a mulch at the foot of the tree and you will prevent the growth of weeds.

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