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Arum, calla: a flowering of all beauty

Arum, calla: a flowering of all beauty

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Calla, often referred to as arum, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful bulb flowers.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Calla lily aethiopica
Family: Araceae
Type: Perennial

Height: 50 to 100 cm
Exhibition: Sunny, partial shade
Ground : Rich, well drained

Flowering: June to October

From planting to pruning, each maintenance act contributes to the development and flowering of the arum.

Planting arum

Arum bulbs are planted as early as early spring at 4-5 cm deep, from March to May.

  • Respect a distance of about 30 to 40 cm between each bulb because arum has large leaves and needs space to develop.
  • Choose a sunny place but not burning. The arum tolerates partial shade.
  • Beware of soils that are too dry because arum needs a cool moist soil.
  • The soil can be enriched when planting with fertilizer or a manure and algae type amendment.

Mix your arums with other bulbs that bloom in summer, find all the tips.

Arum in pot

You can plant an arum in a pot as long as it is of sufficient size.

  • Provide a pot with a diameter greater than 40 cm
  • Make sure the pot is well drilled at the bottom to allow the water to drain
  • Plant the arums with special flower soil

In pots, arum needs regular water and should be watered as soon as the soil is dry on the surface.

Maintenance of arums

Easy to grow and maintain, arum requires little care when properly installed.

The arum will appreciate having a winter cut, pruning it every year to stimulate the emergence of new growth in the spring.

Arum size

  • Cut short as soon as first frosts.
  • It is not necessary not cut until the leaves have completely yellowed, because that's when they build up their reserves for the next flowering.

For a spectacular bloom, add special fertilizer for bulb flowers or flowering plants in early spring.

Watering arums

Water little at first then regularly as soon as the flowers appear, until the end of the flowering period.

Arum grows very well at the edge of a pond which reveals its great water needs.

Like everyone the bulbs that bloom in summer, water in case of prolonged drought or hot weather.

For'potted arum, we must water as soon as the soil is dry on the surface and add fertilizer for flowering plants several times a year

Arum in winter

Arum or calla resists quite well in the cool of winter.

In regions further north, protect the rhizomes by putting a good layer of mulch.
As a mulch, you can use dried leaves, glitter of hemp or from linen or even ferns.

Trick : Before winter, take part of the rhizome and put it in a pot in your house and you will have arums in winter.

Arum in a pot, care tips

Once the foliage is totally wilted, you can cut the leaves as short as possible.

  • Take out the bulb of its pot, taking care to lightly clean it of the soil that surrounds it.
  • Install it for the winter in a cool place but where it does not freeze throughout the winter
  • This place must also be good dry and without light, a small pierced shoebox for example.
  • At March, you can take out your bulb and replant it in new soil.
  • Then resume watering when the soil is dry and your arum will bloom again.

You can do the same operation without removing the bulb from its pot but the soil will have to be renewed approximately every 2 years.

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To know about arums

Arum is a bulbous perennialfrom south africa and not from Ethiopia as its Latin name suggests.

Particularly exotic, it is perfectly suitable for wet areas like water pieces but will also be the perfect plant for your beds, borders or isolated tuft.

> Mix your arums with other bulbs that bloom in summer

Although pronounced like an aroma, it is indeed arum that we write!

If its flowering is sometimes too short, it is also because you never tire of seeing its flowers.

Smart tip

These flowers are pure wonders, before the end of flowering, take a few stems and put them in a beautiful vase!

Photo: © jfbruneau

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