How to feed your cat properly?

How to feed your cat properly?

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As a reminder, the cat is a carnivorous. Its food must be rich in proteinand grain freeto meet their nutritional needs.

In dry or wet form, a suitable food will strengthen its health capital and its life expectancy.

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Nutritional needs of the adult cat

Originally, the cat fed on small preysAll day long.

  • Carnivorous, he needs protein.
  • Fractional feeding is not suitable for him.
  • He should be able to eat between ten and fifteen small meals a day.
  • A healthy cat does not pounce on food, it regulates itself.

Ideal diet:

To avoid deficiencies, digestive or dermatological problems, food daily life of your cat should contain essential elements.

  • High quality proteins with high energy power (meat, fish).
  • Lipids, fatty acids (omega 3), trace elements (zinc), minerals (copper, magnesium) and vitamin A, B, C and D.
  • Grains should be avoided to come close to the diet of cats in the wild.

Did you know ?

The cat does not take in taurine.This amino acid is found in meat and fish. A high protein food will protect your cat from heart, vision or infertility problems.

Smart advice

  • If you have several cats who have different food (illness, obesity, etc.), buy one kibble dispenserto everyone who recognizes their electronic chip.
  • Weigh your cat regularly. A change in weight is indicative of a health problem.

2 types of cat food

Dry food:

  • High-end croquettesensure a balanced and satiating food ration for your cat. Rich in fiber, they facilitate the transit and elimination of hairballs.
  • They perfectly meet the cat's need for snacking, because they can be left in self-service without risk of deterioration.
  • Their chewing is effective in fighting tartar.
  • They are economical and practical.

Wet food:

Packaged in sachets, trays or boxes, wet food is available in bites, mash or jelly. It is an interesting addition to feed your cat well.

  • Wet,it hydrates the cat, reducing the risk of urinary tract infection or kidney failure
  • Appetizing, it stimulates the appetite of convalescent or elderly cats.
  • Low in carbohydrates, it limits weight gain.
  • Rich in meat, it is very digestible.
  • It should be offered to the cat from time to time (or as a supplement) and removed within three hours to avoid oxidation.
  • Its price is higher.

Did you know ?

The household ration is not recommended. Given as a fractional meal for hygiene reasons, this feeding method causes stress in the cat, which cannot nibble as required by its nature.

Hydration of the cat, what to drink

  • It is often necessary motivate your cat to hydrate. It is advisable to place water bowls in different places in your home (and garden). Water fountainsare fun and stimulate the cat to drink.
  • Avoid giving milk to your cat, he digests it very badly.

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Smart advice

  • Adapt the diet according to theage (adult, senior) and the state of health your cat (pregnant female, sterilized cat, etc.).
  • And especially ! no human food ! It is harmful to the health of our cats!

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