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What to plant in your garden to take care of yourself naturally?

What to plant in your garden to take care of yourself naturally?

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Herbal teas like garden flowers can be great remedies to regain your health… naturally.

What if we found the right reflexes to treat the small ailments of everyday life? Here are a few ideas for building a “garden-pharmacy”. To take advantage of this, herbal teas are a good start. “The term herbal tea covers infusions, decoctions and macerations, three slightly different methods that all offer a quick and easy way to benefit from the therapeutic properties of plants,” explains Sophie Lacoste, author of Mon cahier de tisanes. Easy to prepare and inexpensive, they can be kept all day long in a thermos ”.

Elderberry to lower fever

“Elderflower herbal tea hunts germs,” writes Sophie Lacoste. Steep a tablespoon of dried flowers in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. Filter, drink and put yourself under a duvet or blanket to sweat and evacuate the fever ”.

Also think of the onion, also effective against fever and winter viruses, while being good for the ENT sphere too! "Cut two onions into small pieces and cover them with half a liter of cold water. Leave to macerate overnight and take this half liter in three batches: in the middle of the morning, in the afternoon and before going to bed ".

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Meadowsweet, natural aspirin, against pain

“Painkiller and anti-inflammatory, meadowsweet must be prepared as an infusion, but to obtain real effectiveness, you must use flowering tops and fresh leaves.

Put a tablespoon of flowering tops in a cup of hot (not boiling) water and let steep for 10 minutes ".

A blackberry for sore throat

“Dr. Valnet, a famous herbalist, obtained unparalleled results for treating angina with a single leaf of bramble. Make a strong infusion of bramble leaves (60 g per liter of water, infused for a quarter of an hour) and also take a cup before each meal. You can also use it as a gargle ”. Doctor Claudine Luu, author of 250 natural remedies to do yourself, also advises to "infuse 6 to 7 bramble flower buds by drinking it slowly to soothe your throat".

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Thyme and rosemary to fight infections

"A pinch of thyme leaves and a pinch of rosemary in the bottom of a cup, cover with boiling water and wait ten minutes. Filter… Here is a herbal tea that chases germs! », Assures Sophie Lacoste. Claudine Luu completes: "Against colds, colds and coughs, infuse 20 to 25 g of thyme leaves and / or wild thyme (red thyme) per liter of boiling water and drink one to two cups a day. … Same dosage (common thyme) for urinary tract infections, as a dewormer and as an intellectual stimulant! ".

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Laurel to improve digestion

"Make a decoction of dried bay leaves (3 dry leaves in a cup of water) to prevent bloating by increasing the secretion of gastric juices, writes Claudine Luu. It also relieves migraines due to gastric or hepatic embarrassment ”.

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Nettle for back pain, rheumatism and fatigue

"Boil the chopped leaves in water and drink this decoction 3 times a day as a 21-day course" ... Very useful also against fatigue and hyperglycemia. You can also add meadowsweet as a supplement.

To read: 250 natural remedies to do yourself, by Dr Claudine Luu, published by Terre Vivante, € 24.90. My herbal tea book to heal yourself with plants, by Sophie Lacoste, published by Mosaïque-Santé, € 10.

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