Azure wheat: a grass land and sea

Azure wheat: a grass land and sea

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Azure wheat in summary :

Latin name : Leymus arenarius, Elymus arenarius
Common name : Azure wheat
Family : Poaceae
Type : Grass

Harbor : Arched
Height : 1.20 m to 1.50 m
Planting density : 4 to 6 feet per m²
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Every type

Flowering : From June to August

Leymus arenarius owes its vernacular name to its large resemblance to wheat, especially by the ears. Easily intrusive, you have to take some precautions at the time of planting.

Nevertheless, it is a perfect plant if you want to garnish or stabilize a Bank. In addition, its bluish foliage will bring a original touch to your garden.

Planting Azure Wheat

Leymus arenarius accommodates all types of soil. However, it requires exposure sunny (possibly semi-shaded) to fully develop.

For a better recovery, it is advisable to perform the fall planting and follow these steps:

  • dig a hole 15 to 20 cm deep;
  • place the grass in the center;
  • Fill the planting hole by tamping down sufficiently at the roots.

Smart tip : Azure wheat is a grass that can quickly become invasive, especially if planted in sandy soil. To counter this problem, you have two possibilities:

  • either install an anti rhizome barrier (certainly expensive, but effective);
  • or plant your feet in pierced plastic containers that you will bury.

This way the roots will be contained and the propagation controlled.

Maintenance of Leymus arenarius

Like many grasses, azure wheat hardly needs no maintenance. You only need cast off the tuft at early spring to stimulate the appearance of new foliage.

Multiplication of azure wheat:

To multiply a foot by Leymus arenarius, you just have to to divide in autumn :

  • dig up the plant with a spade fork;
  • break up the root ball by hand or with the help of a sharp spade;
  • transplant the plants by following our planting recommendations.

Diseases and pests:

Leymus arenarius is a resistant grass. It is therefore neither susceptible to disease nor the target of pests.

Employment and association

As said in the introduction, azure wheat is an ideal plant for a Bank : whether for the garnish where the stabilize. However, if you wish, you can perfectly use it in a massive or a border taking some precautions when planting if you don't want to be overgrown. Plus, its resistance to drought and salt makes it an excellent plant for a seaside garden.

In terms of associations, you can support Leymus arenarius other grasses or perennials such as speedwell and purple hives whose colors will work well together.

Smart tip

If you like to make bouquets of dried flowers, know that, like cereal, Azure wheat is great for exercise.

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