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A lovely winter balcony

A lovely winter balcony

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Your balcony or terrace is not doomed to sadness during winter.

Our advice to wake them up while waiting for spring.

Prefer perennials

By focusing on perennials, you will have plants that will stay in place each year rather than annuals that will need to be replaced, which will increase your labor and costs. Winter-flowering perennials are particularly interesting in the garden, as they take over from late perennials such as Aster, for a handover before spring. Let us quote, for example hellebores, or christmas roses, which flower from November to April for some. But also the Helleborus niger, the Helleborus foetidus or the Corsican helbore Helleborus argutifolius, very hardy plants that resist down to -7 ° C.

As long as it doesn't freeze, you can plant these beautiful winter ones and enjoy them until the first warmth, when they will fade in favor of spring perennials, but you will enjoy their subtle foliage all year round. Year after year, their clumps will grow in size. To add color, choose the winter heather, the most resistant of flowering plants.

Brighten up your tristoune planter

Don't hesitate to put on some light to complete your plant scene. For example, consider using the officinal sage like the 'Purpurascens', with its beautiful purple-gray foliage, or, for milder climates, the bush bindweed: Convolvulus cneorum, with silvery foliage. A superb varnished foliage and floral buds slightly tinged with pastel pink.

Plants with variegated foliage are also good allies: ivies edged with white on the edge of the leaves, for example, like the ivy Hedera ‘Glacier’ or Hedera ‘Marengo’. We can also mention the ivy with finely cut leaves such as the sagitté ivy Hedera sagittifolia. Particularly rustic and suitable for all exhibitions, ivies are the perfect partner in the garden. The ferns also persistent.

Think about bulbs

Planted in the fall, some bulbs appear in December and judiciously complement the beds, blooming when the perennials have not yet left their winter dormancy. Snowdrops, crocus, cyclamen or Ipheion will be planted in the fall.

By planting in the same place the Ivy-leaved Cyclamen (Cyclamen hederifolium) which bloom from September and the Cos Cyclamen (Cyclamen coum) which emerge in January, you will enjoy throughout the fall and winter beautiful pink blooms at the foot of your plantations.

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