How to build a roof terrace in 4 steps?

How to build a roof terrace in 4 steps?

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Turning your roof into a real garden of Eden while enjoying the view is possible!

Discover our tips for enjoying this roof terrace and making it a cocooning green setting.

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The roof, a new garden

Modern buildings and homes often have flat concrete roofs. This is the opportunity to build a roof terrace, especially if you do not have another exterior. The advantage is that you gain a little height and enjoy a breathtaking view.

A real panorama of the city or the district stretches out in front of us. However, this fully open space needs structure to become a cozy living space.

Step 1: Frame the View

With the plants and the furniture, we will be able to leave the view unobstructed in some places and obstruct it in others.

First, analyze the view from all four sides of this accessible roof terrace. What are the beautiful views and which ones do you want to hide? Let the gaze pass towards the parks, the remarkable monuments or any other horizon that suits you.

On the other hand, do not hesitate to hide this horrible building from the 70s or this street that is a little too busy ...

Step 2: privacy plants

Now is the time to hide those sights that you couldn't see with plants.

For this, we rely on persistent foliage! Fans of exotic plants will fall for a Chamaerops, a hardy palm down to -10 ° C. Its large fan-shaped leaves have a strong decorative effect and hide you from prying eyes. You can associate shrubs with this blackout plant wall. Think of the osmanthus or the Mexican orange tree, which form two compact bushes that bloom in spring and summer.

Also add trellises on which you run persistent climbing plants. Some hydrangeas, jasmines and ivies will hide from you and cover themselves with flowers in summer.

Step 3: Arrange different spaces

The privacy plants give you a framework to arrange different rooms as in a house.

Depending on the area of ​​the roof, you can install: garden furniture, barbecue, relaxation area and solarium. The garden furniture allows you to welcome family and friends around an aperitif. If the square footage of your roof allows it, don't hesitate to add a garden table to organize outdoor dining.

The barbecue finds its place in a small outdoor kitchen. A bar area makes your green roof more convivial and a fire pit gives it a warm atmosphere while browning your grills.

In the relaxation area, why not a spa? If the building's lift allows you, do not hesitate to create a seaside corner perched high on your roof terrace. Finally, don't forget a few deckchairs to stock up on vitamin D on sunny days!

Step 4: Decorate

Now that you have defined the spaces, all you have to do is decorate them with ornamental plants, furniture and decoration! Choose rattan furniture for a bohemian spirit and concrete pots for an ultra modern style. Above the garden furniture, a pergola will structure your green roof. You can use it for hanging plants and wrapping fairy lights.

We replace the usual lawn with large planters. Include wind-resistant, flowering plants such as erigeron, gauras and lavender. Consider using lightweight substrates (pozzolana) if you need not to overload in weight. In terms of materials, bet on a wooden deck covering to warm the whole thing, it always works!

Hang planters on your railings, they will accommodate aromatic plants. Cushions, rugs, lanterns, sculptures… All that's missing is a few decorative touches for your green roof to become your new outdoor living room.

Pay attention to the lift

You must check with the property manager and the condominium regulations in the case of a building. For houses with flat roofs, turn to the architect or a technical consultancy to find out the bearing capacity of the building and what you can do with it. If you have the green light, know that you are not risking anything for your home. It is insulated from the roof with several layers: waterproofing coating, thermal insulation, vapor barrier and various protections (slabs, etc.).

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