April in the garden, all the advice

April in the garden, all the advice

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We have been waiting for it for several months and even a few weeks that it is even desired, here is finally the arrival of spring.

It is an important month for the garden, balconies and terraces, as the vegetation will now be in full swing.

The buds appear, the first winter flowers gradually disappear while the spring flowers in turn begin to bloom.

Here is the gardening work in April:

The lawn

This is the right time to do your spring sowing if it is a new lawn or scarifying it if it is already existing.

Find our scarifying tips.

You can mow your lawn regularly without any difficulty.

To read also on the lawn:

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  • Remove moss from a lawn
  • Create a new lawn


It's time to plant the perennials bought in pots.

Also plant flowering bulbs summer and autumnal as :
the anemones, the lily, the gladioli, the arums, the begonias , the dahlias, the cannas.

Divide large clumps of primroses, lavender as well as all other summer and fall flowering perennials.

It is also the month to harvest the Lily of the valley and make pretty bouquet.

Also discover the April lunar calendar to garden with the moon

Trees, shrubs and roses

> There is still time to plant the last trees, shrubs and roses purchased in containers.

> Follow our planting tips .

> Water generously

> Straw each foot to avoid weeds.

Now is the time to trim the hedges.

Follow our tips for trimming.

The vegetable garden

Dehydrated manure, organic soil conditioner and compost are brought to the soil when digging or moving to a tiller to prepare the soil for future sowing or vegetable planting.

The month of April allows sowing in place (or outdoors) of some vegetables.

We thus find the carrot, the beet, the celery, the cabbage, the courgette, the fennel, the beans or the tomatoes to transplant at the end of the month.

We can finally plant the potatoes, the artichokes, the crosnes and the asparagus

As for the harvest, it's time for the firstsasparagus and radish.

  1. Also discover theApril lunar calendar to garden with the moon

On the balcony and on the terrace

This is planting month for flowering bulbs summer and autumnal as well as for annuals and climbing plants.

It's finally time to safely remove winter protection!

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