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Pink peonies: our selection for your garden

Pink peonies: our selection for your garden

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Always beautiful, some also exhale a pleasant scent, while a few pearls offer both a graceful silhouette and an intoxicating fragrance.

One thing is certain, it is difficult to remain indifferent to the charms of peonies. If you are won over by this magnificent flower and want to bring a rosy touch to your bed, then let yourself be guided by our selection of Paeonia to choose the pink peony that will enhance your garden.

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Herbaceous pink peonies

The name "herbaceous peonies" includes species whose vegetation completely disappears each year, only to start again from the stock the following spring. Their growth is slow, but it is compensated by a longevity that can reach several decades by adopting the right cultivation practices.
The most represented species is certainly Paeonia lactiflora and its many hybrids. To a lesser extent, we also find Paeonia officinalis.

P. lactiflora ‘Bowl of Beauty’

Between 80 cm and 1 m high, this cultivar with a rounded tufted habit has a late flowering (June). Its flowers are carmine pink and form a large cup with a creamy yellow heart.

P. lactiflora "Sarah Bernhardt"

It's hard to talk about pink peonies without mentioning the "Sarah Bernhardt". Flowering late, this great classic displays in May-June magnificent double light pink flowers, voluminous and fragrant. Its upright habit makes it reach a height of up to 1 m.

P. lactiflora ‘Mr Jules Elie’

The stems of this peony can reach 1.10 m. Its early flowering in April-May adorns it with superb light pink double flowers, with very fine petals surrounded by a ruff of larger petals and which exhale a wonderful fragrance.

P. officinalis ‘Rosea Plena ’

The flowering of this cultivar changes over time. A deep pink when hatching, the double flowers then gradually fade. The 'Rosea Plena' can reach 80 cm and has a bushy habit.

P. officinalis ‘Mollis’

With its 60 cm in height, the "Mollis" is a peony smaller than its congeners (60 cm).

Its single flowers change from the usually fuller blooms of peonies. They stand out, however, with their bright pink petals that surround a heart of bright yellow stamens.

Pink shrub peonies

Unlike herbaceous peonies, tree peonies (or tree peonies) retain some of their vegetation during winter.

Their number is also smaller and so are the cultivars. Nevertheless, we can cite two of them which offer pretty flowers of pink peonies.

P. suffruticosa ‘Ri Yue Jin’

This cultivar is early flowering and flowers in May. Its double flowers of an almost red rose and a deep yellow heart, can evoke a rose flower. They are lightly scented and top stems that do not exceed 1 m.

P. suffruticosa ‘Juan Ye Hong’

This pink peony, also early flowering, adorns itself in April-May with magnificent double flowers, lightly scented and generous in bright pink petals. With a height of 1.50m in bloom, this is one of the tallest in our selection.

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