Peony, advice on planting

Peony, advice on planting

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The frilly beauty of June, the peony goes into the ground in autumn. "If done right, you will love it for years to come," says author Jane Eastoe.

The peony is broken down into three main families: shrubby, the herbaceous and the hybrids say Itoh (which brings together the best of the first two, robust stems, abundant and long flowering, wide range of shapes and colors). There are thousands of varieties. They flower only 2 to 3 weeks, from mid-spring to early summer. "To make this pleasure last, select 2 or 3 complementary varieties", advises Jane Eastoe, co-author with Georgianna Lane of the book "Peonies, an illustrated history of the most beautiful specimens" (published by Glénat).

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Good location for planting peony

Peonies have an absolute need for winter cold: “4 ° C for at least 6 weeks. In colder climates, mulch their roots, then you will remove that insulating layer in the spring to prevent peony downy mildew ”.

The herbaceous peonies appreciate full sun or light shade. Hybrids love full sun but can settle for light shade, producing fewer flowers. Peonies shrubby, they adapt to all places, as long as they are sheltered from the winds.

Soil to welcome the peony

The "cabbage rose" likes neutral or slightly alkaline soils: test the pH of your garden ... "A potting mix bound to 10 to 25% clay is the perfect mix, offering great fertility combined with good drainage.

At the chosen location, a few weeks in advance, dig a deep and wide hole (30/60 cm) and allow 90 cm between several flowers.

"Add a slow-release fertilizer and then a good layer of soil from the garden."

The pro gesture

In autumn, plant itherbaceous and the hybrid "by placing its eyes no more than 5 cm below the soil surface; and shrub by burying the graft point at -8 cm.

Water them without excess and then let Mother Nature take over ”.

The equivalent of watering twice a week is enough. They will offer their first flowers in the second year. Growing from seeds is more delicate.

In the fall, place them in prepared 4 to 10 cm holes and cover with 4 cm of soil.

"Until the first frost, maintain constant humidity then cover with a litter of bark chips or straw - to be removed in the spring. Young plants like the shade. "

Planting peony in a pot

“Some forms of young tree and hybrid peonies can grow for a few years in a large pot. But, eventually, they will have to be planted in the ground ”.

Be careful with watering, which should be sufficient but not excessive. If in doubt, make them thirsty a little.

And in the winter, protect the pot or bury it in the earth in the fall.

Peony is an easy plant

The peonies easily endure the lack of care and water. On the other hand, install stakes in the herbaceous plants to support their large flowers.

In the fall, it's also a time to collect and burn fallen leaves and divide the plants. In winter, remove stems and dead leaves. Pruning of dead shrub wood is done in late winter or early spring.

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In spring, provide it with nutrients, ideally a fertilizer made from bone ash or fertilizer for roses or a universal fertilizer for herbaceous plants. So you may admire them for over 50 years!

Claire Lelong-Lehoang

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