How to make a blue garden?

How to make a blue garden?

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That blue dream ... Aladdin was probably thinking of a garden when he sang this song!

Deep blue, blue-mauve, blue-gray ... The plants decline an azure palette of flowers with foliage.

Find out how to arrange a garden with bluish shades.

A little blue flower

Blue is a fairly rare color in nature, as yellow, orange and purple flowers are lost.

There are, however, plants that stand out for their bluish shades, particularly popular. This is the case with the hydrangea, this star of Breton gardens. To get blue blooms, the soil must be acidic! If not, the color will be purple or even pink.

Don't hesitate to add heather soil when planting. Among the shrubs, there is the ceanothe which forms pretty, slightly scented blue spikes and the Plumbago with flowers in panicles of a soft blue. Linen, agapanthus and knapweed also offer sometimes intense, sometimes pastel tones.

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Azure foliage

The leaves also take on blue colors. In conifers, all ‘Glauca’ varieties have blue reflections. Derived from Latin, this term means blue-green. We then think of Cedrus libanii ‘Glauca’ or Picea pungens ‘Glauca’. These two varieties sport a gray-blue tint, giving the impression that they are covered in frost.

Away from this cold snap, let's mention succulents. Sedum, Agaves and Echeveria have bluish-skinned species. In sedges, the varieties 'Bunny Blue' and 'China blue' form perennial cushions as "blue" as their name. Resembling grasses, these herbaceous plants fit easily into a bed, accompanied by flowering perennials and shrubs.

Shaded beds benefit from the blue leaves of Hosta tardiana ‘Halcyon’, which goes wonderfully with the silver leaves of some heuches.

Blue garden furniture

Are you a fan of blue and want your garden to make you dream? Dare the total look by using this color even in materials and furniture. Then bet on blue stone slabs. All you have to do is choose a table and armchairs in the blue of your choice.

Contemporary duck blue, azure blue to match a sea view, sky blue for a touch of clarity… We add a few cushions and a hammock of the same shade and we obtain an immaculate rest area in shades of blue.

A true pigmented concentrate reminiscent of the sea and the sky, encouraging relaxation and daydreaming.

Deco cobalt

To reinforce the presence of this color, we choose blue decoration. Think about the pots for your plants on the patio or balcony. You can paint them yourself in any shade you want. You just need to choose a paint suitable for the exterior. Dare to use Klein blue! It will highlight the leaves of your potted plants and their bright flowers.

Outdoor rugs, plaid, sculptures, paper lanterns, decline the bluish color chart to create a real shades of turquoise blue to navy blue. We do not forget the lights to play with when the sun sets. You can choose different colored lights to change according to the mood.

Bathed in blue light, the nocturnal garden then takes on a touch of mystery and takes on a whole new look.

Morocco inspiration

One of the most famous blue gardens is undoubtedly the Majorelle Garden in Marrakech. High in color, this daring garden is distinguished by walls painted entirely in Majorelle blue. Vibrant, intense and deep, this blue leaves no one indifferent. Bright, it brings out an exotic vegetal palette.

A few touches of yellow and pink only highlight the main color, also present in traditional mosaics. In the garden, we are inspired by this daring by adapting it to the design of your exterior. For this, we put on a fence, a single painted wall, a pergola or furniture in Majorelle blue.

To underline it, nothing like a few touches of orange, its complementary color.

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