Ideal plants for my windowsill - Jardiner Malin

Ideal plants for my windowsill - Jardiner Malin

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Do you dream of a lush garden but you have no balcony, terrace or exterior? Don't panic, there are multiple solutions to create a green setting on your windowsill.

Find out which plants to choose and how to install them!

The window, part of a miniature garden

You don't have an exterior, but you dream of an urban jungle from your apartment. Window sills often have small spaces and structures on which to grow plants.

By showing ingenuity, it is quite possible to garnish your eyesight with pretty foliage and colorful flowers. Against a wall and in the light, these plants can only thank you!

Optimize the guardrails

Often the windows are fitted with railings and guardrails. These structures are a godsend for running climbing plants. At the foot of the railing, install a planting tray. You may need to tailor it to fit the small space available. Then you just have to choose a climber.

A fake jasmine has the advantage of being evergreen and offering year round foliage. The intoxicating scent of its flowers in spring doesn't spoil anything. You can also bet on clematis, climbing roses, honeysuckles or ivy.

A flower window

Multiply hanging pots and fastening systems for a flowering window sill. Think of hanging plants like a fuchsia and its original two-tone flowers. We don't forget the traditional ones ivy geraniums and their generous flowers. The ipomes, the lobélias and the verbenas also offer their share of flowery cascades. Do not hesitate to plant spring and fall bulbs to stagger the blooms.

Dahlias, lilies and cyclamen bloom from late summer through fall. In spring we discover with pleasure the flowers of the hyacinths, daffodils and crocus. If your street is wide and it is very windy, choose flexible plants like Erigeron or Perovskia.

A tree on the windowsill

Sometimes the windowsill has a small projection for placing pots.

If it is large enough, we can very well plant a small tree. Think of dwarf conifers as a compact variety of pines (Pinus nigra ‘Nana’). The most daring will cut it into clouds, others will prefer to associate it with bright blooms. The windowsills overlooking a shaded courtyard will favor Japanese maple and its copper foliage in the fall.

Whatever tree you choose, it will give volume and a plant exuberance of the most beautiful effect!

Aromatic planters

Marjoram, Thyme, basil… We never tire of these condiment leaves which decorate our small dishes. The kitchen window sill is the perfect place to put them up! If you can, go for two planters, as not all plants have the same water requirements. Gather the thyme, rosemary, sage and savory. These four plants require a well-drained substrate and very little watering. Conversely, chives, basil and parsley do well in cool soil. You want to grow mint ? Place it in a separate pot because this refreshing aromatic is overwhelming and will take over its neighbors.

Arrange the interior side

That's it, you've planted some plants on your windowsill. You are now enjoyinga nice view and you can indulge in a little gardening.

To make the most of this little corner of greenery, set up a cozy space near your window. An armchair and a few cushions are enough to create a reading space where you can smell the scent of flowers while reading a book. You can also set up a bench to sit in the heart of your small urban garden as soon as the weather is good.

Consider adding a few lights to take advantage of the cool summer evenings.

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