How to make a winter garden inside the house?

How to make a winter garden inside the house?

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A winter garden inside the house is possible. Whether you have a greenhouse, a veranda or just your apartment, find out how to create a green setting inside!

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Where to place a winter garden?

Veranda and greenhouse:

The winter garden is traditionally nestled in the heart of a veranda or greenhouse. This extension of the all-glass-clad house provides the light needed for a real indoor garden.

The advantage of a veranda is that it hosts exotic plants that fear frost. You can then enjoy an original and colorful palette of plants, even if you live in a cool region!

Inside :

You can also create a winter garden in the heart of your apartment. It will then be necessary to place it close to a source of natural light.

Behind a large window or a bay window, you then create a little green setting, while enjoying the comfort of your apartment.

What plants in a winter garden?

Mediterranean plants

The vegetable palette of the Mediterranean basin cannot be cultivated everywhere in France. Citrus fruits, bougainvilleas, plumbagos and oleanders do not tolerate frost or little. Most of these plants cannot tolerate temperatures below -5 ° C. In an unheated greenhouse, they enjoy cool temperatures but still above freezing in winter, which suits them perfectly. You can thus grow these plants in a greenhouse and take them out in May, once the risk of frost has passed.

Exotic plants

To create an exotic garden with arid desert accents, install cacti and succulents. A big cactus with a columnar shape like a Cereus Goes well with drooping varieties like the rat tail cactus. Then add succulents like Aloe, Kalanchoe or mother-in-law's tongues.

Tropical plants for the interior

If you don't have a greenhouse or veranda, opt for houseplants instead. Create a real urban jungle in your apartment with tropical plants! The famous Monstera It never ceases to proudly display its large, glossy, cut-out leaves. It is accompanied by a Fatsia japonica, with equally opulent foliage and a Areca, small indoor palm. As for decorative foliage, we put on theAlocasia, begonia and calathea. These three plants are unique in offering leaves decorated with various patterns and colors. Decorative all year round, they have a strong disorienting power.

How to arrange a veranda with plants?

Layout and design

To make your veranda look like a real garden, don't hesitate to group the plants. In a corner of the room, arrange the 2-3 tallest plants at the back. Then place the medium-sized varieties, then the smaller ones in front. Their respective foliage will hide their pot and make you forget that they are above ground. They will form a kind of indoor bed, revealing a beautiful plant density. Add pots that you hang high up with hanging plants. Do not hesitate to place some pots with aromatic plants that will be close at hand to enhance your meals.

How to decorate a small veranda?

So that this interior garden becomes a living room in which you feel good, you decorate it with furniture and decoration. Do not hesitate to set up garden furniture with a sofa and a few armchairs in order to receive friends or open a good book. A small table and a few chairs will allow you to have breakfast there. Reinforce the cocooning effect with rattan furniture, jute rugs, some bohemian lights and colorful cushions. And since plants are the main decoration of this room, go for a terrarium or a kokedama which will give the final green touch!

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