Sowing in place: the technique

Sowing in place: the technique

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Whether for vegetables or certain species of flowers, sowing in place or in the ground is very easy to achieve.

It is done in the spring after all risk of frost has been ruled out and during the summer for most fall vegetables.

Make a seedling in place

  1. Start with clean the location you want to plant by removing all weeds, stones and roots that are in the soil. In the case of a lawn, it is recommended to plow the soil with a tiller.

  2. Crumble the earth once cleaned to lighten it.

  3. Bring some organic material, type amendment based on manure and algae, incorporating it into the soil.

  4. Scratch the ground to loosen it well.

  5. Ride with a roller without tamping down too much.

  6. Sow seeds evenly. Depending on the species, choose a seedling online or in pockets. If it's a lawn, choose it broadcast sowing.

  7. Cover with a special seed compost (not necessary if it is a lawn).

  8. Tamp lightly using the back of the rake.

  9. Water generously.

Seeding ideas in place

Vegetables: Beet, carrot, cabbage, lettuce, onion, bean, chive, chewed up, turnipthyme sorrel, parsley or even radishes.

Flowers: beautiful day, beauty of the night, nasturtium, chrysanthemum, clarkia, cobée, colocynth, poppy, coreopsis, cosmos, eschscholzia, delphinium, cheeky, baby's breath, impatience, linen, turkey carnation, poppy, sweet Pea, large-flowered purslane, rudbeckia, worries or even sunflower can be sown in the ground.

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