Sowing in pockets

Sowing in pockets

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Pitch sowing is similar to row sowing because only the number of seeds that will be placed in the furrow differs.

Pitch sowing technique

As for the row sowing.

  • Place the seeds at the bottom of a furrow, the depth of which can vary from 1 to 3 cm depending on the species.
  • Prefer sowing by small batch of 4-5 seeds at regular spacing depending on the width of the plant you are going to grow.
    For example, if the plant should be 8 inches wide when it reaches adulthood, place 4-5 seeds every 8 inches.
  • When the first shoots appear, keep only the most beautiful and vigorous.

Smart tip for pocket sowing

  • Trace your furrows in the direction of the prevailing winds!

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