Well-being at work: bet on office plants!

Well-being at work: bet on office plants!

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A place of fulfillment and projects, but also of stress, the office is a living space in which we spend a large part of our time. That’s why it’s important to feel good there!

Find out about the positive impact of office plants and which varieties to choose.

Benefits of plants in the office

Boosted productivity:

Four researchers at Cardiff University conducted a study on the positive impact of the presence of plants in the workplace. This study found that employee productivity increases by 15% when an office is decorated with plants. An employee is surely more productive thanks to a healthy and stimulating environment! These figures come from a life-size test: on the one hand, an employee works in an office without any plants. On the other hand, another worker takes advantage of the presence of several large plants.

A healthy and well-being environment:

Real breathing, the plants offer a pleasant and soothing environment. This is all the more important in offices that do not have a window, and therefore no view to the outside and to nature. This green setting creates a cocoon in which it is softer to work. Plants reduce headaches, stress and everyday worries. According to the same study, it has even been proven that they reduce sick leave by 10%, by regulating the humidity of the air. Indeed, they would have a beneficial impact on dermatological and ENT disorders.

What plants for the office?

Aren't you lucky enough to have a green office? Never mind, all you have to do is bring your own plants!

Depolluting office plants:

  • Cordyline fruticosa : This pretty houseplant is a shrub native to tropical forests. It forms a straight stem, dotted with long flexible leaves in shades varying from fuchsia pink, to purple, passing through green. Place it in a bright spot and water regularly to keep the substrate cool. Repot every three years and surface every year to keep your cordyline in top shape.
  • Areca: This plant is known for absorb volatile organic compounds. These substances come from air fresheners, cigarette smoke, wallpaper, carpeting or PVC windows. Dypsis lutescens from its Latin name, is an indoor palm with long erect stems. They are lined with fine exotic-looking foliage.

Feng Shui office plants:

Serenity, well-being and harmony are the key words of Feng-Shui. This Chinese art of living recommends the installation of plants that release positive energies and stimulate creativity.

  • Crassula : Also depolluting, this succulent plant forms tufts of downy leaves. Their more or less interlocking triangular leaves make it very decorative. As for the interview, nothing too bad. In summer, a slightly cool substrate but never soggy. In autumn, let dry between two additions of water. Finally in winter, one watering per month is sufficient.
  • Orchid: Symbol of fertility and abundance, the orchid absorbs carbon dioxide and generates oxygen. Beyond its virtues, it is a charming flower that we never tire of. Elegant, the genus Phalaenopsis reveals round, thick, soft, sometimes speckled and multiple-colored petals. It will need to be guaranteed a certain humidity level to make it happy in your office.

Plants for office without light

Don't have a window? Discover two plants that support a cloistered interior.

  • Chlorophytum : This herbaceous plant forms a tuft of long, drooping striated leaves. Its long stems are perfectly suited to a suspension. Also, it will do wonders when placed on top of a shelf. Consider giving him fertilizer twice a month. Watering will be regular and allow it to benefit from cool soil. Never let water stagnate in the saucer.
  • Fatsia japonica: It tolerates dark corners well, but is no less generous. The Fatsia has large palmate leaves, dark green and glossy. It only requires a substrate that is always fresh, even humid.

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