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Pittosporum: famous for its foliage

Pittosporum: famous for its foliage

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The pittosporum, in addition to its discreet flowering, has beautiful foliage.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Pittosporum
Family : Pittosporaceae
Type : Shrub

: 2 to 5 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

Foliage : Persistent -Flowering : March to June

Planting, pruning and caring for this shrub will help your pittosporum grow well.

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Planting pittosporum

The plantation of pittosporum takes place at spring or atautumn (for Pittosporums sold in container).

Planting takes place exclusively in the fall, if purchased bare root.

  • Choose a location that is sunny and sheltered from cool winds.
  • Make sure you have well-drained soil as it doesn't like standing water.
  • Bring a mixture of potting soil and garden soil for good rooting
  • Water regularly the first year after planting
  • Follow our guide to properly planting shrubs

In hedge, respect a distance of 80 cm to 1 m between each pittosporum in order to give it room to develop.

Pittosporum in pot

The cultivation of pittosporum in pots is quite possible and even recommended for all those who want to create a little corner of greenery on their terrace or balcony.

  • Use a pot of sufficient diameter and pierced at the bottom
  • Put a bed of gravel or clay balls at the bottom of the pot
  • Fill the pot with special shrub, planting or universal soil
  • Plant the pittosporum in the pot then cover the rest with the same potting soil
  • Water generously then renew the waterings as soon as the soil is dry on the surface

Pruning and maintenance of pittosporum

Once in place, pittosporum requires little care, its maintenance is limited.

  • Water in case of hot weather and / or prolonged drought
  • Add shrub fertilizer in early spring
  • Good mulching at the base of pittosporum in winter keeps its roots frost-free, at least partially.

When to prune pittosporum?

Pittosporum should not be pruned at the end of winter, as its spring flowering will be compromised.

So wait for the end of flowering spring to prune pittosporum.

For the size of a hedge of Pittosporum,

  • Follow our advice on how to properly trim a hedge.
  • In isolated or in beds, follow our advice on shrub pruning

To know about pittosporum

ThePittosporum, also called the Hottentot Tree is part of the family ofpittosporaceae, he is from New Zealand and Australia.

Its allure, the soft green of its foliage and its beautiful blooming make this shrub one of the "must-haves" of our gardens.

It is particularly appreciated for its dark green leaves, both shiny and alternate, but also for its pretty blooming offering beautiful white flowers with the scent of orange trees.

It requires little maintenance and you will even have the leisure, if you wish, to give it the shape that you want or that you imagined in your dreams ...

In hedges, isolated or in clumps, Pittosporum is also perfectly suited to pot culture for your terraces and balconies.

Among the most common and widely used varieties we have 2 superb shrubs, pittosporum tobira and pittosporum tenuifolium

If growing in a pot, wear it to get through the winter without damage.

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Smart tip

Pittosporum does not like severe frost, mulch the base of the tree to protect it from the cold.

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