Tomato: sowing, growing and harvesting tomatoes in the vegetable garden

Tomato: sowing, growing and harvesting tomatoes in the vegetable garden

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Tomatoes are a delicious fruit and vegetable, ideal for growing in the vegetable garden during the summer.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Solanum lycopersicon
Family : Solanaceae
Type : Fruit / Vegetable

: 80 to 140 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Light, quite rich

Harvest : Summer, let ripen on the foot.

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Sowing and planting, maintenance, disease and harvesting of tomatoes, every gesture is important.

Sowing and planting tomatoes

Tomatoes can only be grown outdoors from mid-May, after all risk of frost. It is useless to sow too early.

When to sow tomatoes?

Tomato sowing begins at the end of winter, under cover, and at a temperature of at least 18-20 °.

  • Consult our tomato sowing sheet and start from the month of February March, under shelter.

If this method takes a little longer, it is very easy to perform and you will be rewarded with the incomparable flavor of the fruits you harvest!

Planting tomatoes:

This is a great way to start growing tomatoes.

> If you buy tub tomatoes, they are young plants.

> Plant them in a sunny place rather sheltered from the wind, after any risk of freezing.

> Leave a space of around 80 cm between each plant.

> Put a tomato stand to fix them as you go.

Tomatoes like:

  • Rich soil, ideally fertilized before planting.
  • A very sunny exposure.
  • Regular watering without wetting the foliage to avoid disease.

Tomato care

We must promote a good exposure tomatoes Sunfor a good development.

  • Remove shoots (called "suckers") that may develop at the junction between a leaf and the stem.
    These "greedy" draw a lot of sap to the detriment of the growth of the plant.
  • When the plant has reached its maximum height, prune the head, leaving about 4 or 5 groups of leaves.
  • Read our article on tomato pruning

Hoe and clean the soil regularly to prevent weed growth.

Regular treatment with comfrey manure and nettle manure helps to fertilize the soil, strengthen the plant and prevent disease.

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For more beautiful tomatoes, bring a special organic tomato fertilizer 1 to 2 times a month.

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Tomato diseases

You will find advice by clicking on the links for each of these diseases.

  • Tomato late blight: Black spots on the leaves.
  • Powdery mildew: White felting on the leaves.
  • Aphids: The leaves of tomatoes curl up.
  • Tomato black butt disease: Treat like mildew.
  • The white fly: Small flies cluster on the underside of the leaves. You have to treat with a vegetable insecticide or plant nasturtiums at the foot of your tomatoes.
  • The tomato leafminer: galleries are dug by this larva, as well on the leaves as the stems and the tomato.
  • Tomato early blight: The tomato is necrotic, showing black spots on the flesh.

Note that treatment with Bordeaux mixture prevents most of the diseases that affect tomato cultivation.

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Harvesting tomatoes

The tomato harvest takes place in the summer and can extend into the fall if the weather permits.

  • Harvest the tomato when it is well colored, usually 4 to 5 months after sowing.
  • Some fruits can arrive very late in ripening.
  • You can pick them and ripen them in your garage or on a window border.

Tomato varieties

Here are some varieties of tomatoes, old or recent, interesting in terms of culture or taste.

A good way to vary the tastes and flavors.

"Banana Legs" : Cylindrical, July, sweet flesh.
"Steak" : Round and flat, August, stuffing tomato.
"Cherry cocktail" : Cherry tomato, summer, sweet.
"Cornue des Andes":Long, precocious, firm flesh. > Cultivating the Andine Cornue
"Gardener's delight": Small, crunchy and tangy. Productive.
"Ten fingers of Naples" : Cylindrical, July to October, sweet.
"Elko F1" : Long, July to October, good production.
"Fandango F1" : Round, early, early July.
"Farta F1" : Long, small and pointed, August to October.
"Green Zebra" : Round, July, old tomato, streaked with light green. > Growing the Green Zebra
"Luxor F1" : Flat, from July to October, firm and juicy flesh.
"Marmande" : Flat and ribbed, early from June. > Cultivating Marmande
"Black of Crimea" : Round, June, dark red, seedless. > Cultivate black crimea
"Ophelia F1" : Round, from July to October, generous production.
"Roma" : Long and pointed, July; firm flesh that keeps well. > Cultivating Roma
"Rose of Bern": Medium, delicate taste, pink flesh.
" Saint Pierre " : round; semi-early, July; easy to grow. > Cultivating Saint-Pierre
"Sweetie 100»: Round, small and early, from June, tasty.
"Torino tomato" : Rich in lycopene> Growing the Torino tomato

All you need to know about tomatoes

With a little experience, a tomato becomes relatively easy to grow.

Tomatoes are one of the most widely cultivated fruits / vegetables in the world and can be found in many tomato recipes.

Whether in the vegetable patch or in the garden, on a balcony or a terrace, this plant has the advantage of being very productive.

> Composed of 95% water, tomatoes are low in calories but rich in vitamin C, B3, B6, A K and E.

It is rich in minerals such as potassium, manganese, copper, magnesium or even phosphorus.

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Smart tip

A fertilizing mulch of the cocoa shell type will be perfect for your tomato plantations!

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