Plant date tree in the back garden

Plant date tree in the back garden

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More Information ». Palm trees grown in the landscape appear carefree, but they are susceptible to many diseases, insects, and nutritional problems. Avoid many of these problems by following the recommended cultural practices that help keep plants healthy and vigorous. Leaf Spots: Palms are commonly affected by many leaf-spotting fungi. Leaf spots can be circular to elongated, brown, and possibly oily in appearance. It is difficult to differentiate among the leaf-spotting fungi by visual symptoms alone.

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Plants Of The Garden

Tens of thousands of mature date palm trees have been transplanted from fruit-producing orchards in the Coachella Valley into urban coastal Southern California landscapes. From lemons to loquats, it's common to see fruit trees with an abundant, but unpicked, harvest. Urban fruit often goes to waste, whether on a neglected backyard tree or in a public setting.

Under-utilized urban fruit trees have gotten some attention in the Los Angeles area in recent years, with projects like Fallen Fruit , a collective that maps fruit trees growing in public spaces, and Food Forward , a non-profit that harvests unwanted fruit and donates it to food banks.

One fruit, though, is not on the radar of foodies and foragers. Yet it's crunchy, sweet, flavorful, often seedless, and very common in Southern California landscapes. It's the fruit of the date palm, rarely thought of as a food source in our urban environment, more frequently viewed as a nuisance because dates fall off trees, where they create litter that must be cleaned up.

Palm trees produce abundant date fruits that fall into the landscape and become a nuisance. Why do we have so much of this fruit?

For the last 30 years, Southern California has seen the transplanting of tens of thousands of mature Phoenix dactylifera , the edible date, from fruit-producing orchards in the low-desert Coachella Valley into urban coastal Southern California to landscape homes, hotels and malls from Santa Barbara to San Diego. Unfortunately, coastal Southern California lacks the high sustained heat and aridity for proper fruit maturation and curing to produce traditional soft-ripe dates of good eating quality.

The dates that fall from the trees have been unattractive to gather for sale and consumption, processes that could help to resolve the fruit litter problem in the landscape. Fortunately, from a food standpoint or unfortunately if you are a landscape manager , date fruits do mature to the khalal stage in coastal Southern California because high sustained heat and aridity are not required to attain this stage of development. These golden yellow fruits are conspicuous and showy in the khalal stage, are typically on the palm for several months from late fall to spring, and are really good to eat.

Also, in many cases, these fruits are seedless! Note to horticulture geeks: date palms are dioecious - separate male and female trees - and because nearly all edible date palms in the landscape are female, their flowers were pollinated by other species of landscape Phoenix.

The resulting hybrid fruits are seedless, or pollination is not required for fruit to set and develop - parthenocarpy. Urban foragers looking for their next food adventure, or even a potential enterprise, might want to consider taking advantage of this otherwise nuisance and unwanted fruit.

Khalal fruit can be gathered from the ground and cleaned. But it is best to collect them off the palm. Cutting an inflorescence entire fruit stalk and lowering it carefully to the ground would be ideal.

You are currently not signed in. If you have an account, then sign in now! Anonymous users messages may be delayed. Name required. E-mail required. Food Blog. Ornamental landscape date palm: An overlooked urban fruit tree. Also, they are seedless D. Tags: fruit 29 , Fruit and Nut Crop 2 , fruit trees 2 , Horticulture 1 , urban agricultureI see alot of date trees around palm Beach county with yellow fruit to day I say one that had alot of red fruit are they edible?

Reply by Jeannette E. Warnert on August 26, at PM. Our date palm expert, Don Hodel, said, "The palms might not be the edible date, Phoenix dactylifera.But if so, some varieties are generally edible in the unripe state. Maybe people here can help me? I grew a date palm from store bought dates, it made up to 5 adult leaves, when i noticed the pot being too small. So i repotted it in a huge container. It did not grew anymore for 2 years, Now it starts growing again, it made a new leaf, and it is a lot smaller, the previous are twice as big.

I hope he will pick up its usual growt. I live in the netherlands and winters are too cold to put it in soil in the garden. So when winter comes i keep it in a greenhouse at 59 fahrenheit.

The question is, is it possible to grow n nice tree this way? I know harvesting dates wil never happen, and they become really big,but just information about how to care for P. Dactylifera is rare, i never found any, only thing i find, is info for date farming, nothingabout care for dates as potplants in colder regions. Sorry for my elaborate story,i hope it is not full of mistakes, because english is not my native language.

I am very curious, so i really hope someone has a clue about growing them in colder regions, already thanks, Pat. I have a date nut palm that is around 20 ft tall and the birds have deposted tree ferns seeds in the trunk of the tree. It is completely hiding the trunk. Will this harm the tree? Hodel on June 13, at AM. The ferns on the trunk of date palms typically do not harm the palm. They are just growing epiphytically and are not deriving or competing with the palm for water or nutrients.

Some people find epiphytic plants on palm trunks to be very attractive, but it is a personal choice. If you do not like them you can remove them. In reply to the person growing a date palm in the Netherlands: Yes, palms can be grown indoors in cold temperate climates like northern Europe. Date palm Phoenix dactylifera will grow indoors but needs lots of light, even direct sunlight, for much of the day.

Consider artificial lights for additional light, especially in the winter. Keep soil evenly moist, not too wet; you can even let it dry out slightly before applying water again. Apply a slow-release fertilizer once a year.

Watch for insect pests like ants, scales, and mealy bugs. Hello, I live in a humid and hot area on the coast of florida and i wanted to add a date palm to my backyard garden in order to harvest the edible dates. After reading this article I think maybe the humid climate here will not allow the dates to reach the nice dried-out stage as discussed in the article about California.

Could I use a dehydrated machine when the dates are in the kahlal stage in order to get the results of a sweet dried date? Thank you. Warnert on July 2, at AM. I suggest you contact your local UC Master Gardener program for more information on your dates.

Ny datenut palm is about 30 ft tall and its lower limbs are dying. What could be the cause of this? Leave a Reply:. Share Print. Recent Posts Blog Home. Archives All Archives. Tags All Tags. Recent Posts. Suppliers, retailers warn California grape growers of herbicide shortages December 20,Researchers pinpoint drought-resistant traits in grape rootstocks December 17,Tex Helton: I think the government should stay Tromick: Hello, It is amazing and well Joe Hoffman: Mr.

Charter could you please Raymond: I would like to see some hybrid All rights reserved.

Palm Trees

Hello Hello! Plants, trees, shrubs, seedlings and more, at wholesale prices. Buy online or visit our Ascot Vale nursery. Years ago Chris sent a scientific expedition to the Canary Islands to study the plant life there. While his team researched during the day, they partied with the locals by night, and learned that the native people of the Canary Islands believed they were the direct descendants of the inhabitants of the lost city of Atlantis. As if to reinforce this legend, the Canary Islands have some of the most interesting and beautiful plant life in the world. The Canary Island Date Palm Phoenix canariensis is a classic example that has taken the world by storm.

If you are planning to plant this tree in your garden, make sure you offer it plenty of water as with other palms. Also, consider planting it in zones 9 to

The Best Palm Trees for the UK

Even in the middle of Winter, a gardener has work to do. This week Bernard moved a large plant from Glasshouse No. It is a Phoenix canariensis Canary date palm. This was planted around 5 years ago in the Glasshouse by Fionola Reid, Garden Designer, when she was working on the restoration of the Frameyard. Now it has become too big for the glasshouse and needs to be moved outside. Our palm had been firmly staked at the base, which is done to help the roots to settle. Given the gale-force winds of last week, this was a good thing, as it might have been blown over completely or simply discouraged from rooting at all.. According to www.

Christmas Palm

Hyophorbe amaricaulis has lived in the Curepipe Botanical Garden in Mauritius for the past years or so. Today, it is enclosed by a kind of cage and supporting platform, and is looking old and tired. It has damage to its trunk, and signs of a bacterial infection in the wound. Its leaves droop as if it is tired of life and living alone. Working in botanic gardens, we assume that there is no technical reason why any plant species should become extinct.

Phoenix dactylifera is a palm with a long and interesting history. Its origin goes back to ancient times, well before written history.

Dead or dormant? How to tell if your plants survived Texas' winter blast

Our partners and us collect data and use cookies, email pixels and similar tools to enhance your experience, analyse traffic and for ad personalisation and measurement. One such partner is Google. For more information see our cookie policy. Palms are hardy enough to grow all year round, with some types flowering in the summer and growing berries in the autumn. They have a slow rate of growth, but with plenty of sun and well-drained soil you can add some exotic green to your garden in no time. At winter, just wrap them up to protect them from hard frosts.

Cold-Hardy Palms For Your Garden

Gallery featuring pictures of 30 spectacular backyard palm tree ideas, showcasing how and why you'd want to add palms to your yard. Do you want your yard to look like an oasis? Or maybe like a tropical escape? The best tree to bring this kind of appeal to your yard is the palm tree. Palm trees are typically associated with tropical and warm regions, but there are many species of palm tree that can weather a great deal of different climates. If you want to build up some great tropic appeal you should consider a palm tree.

Its origin goes back GARDEN. DISTRIBUTION AND ECOLOGY. The date palm requires high temperatures Date palms grow naturally between 15 and 35 degrees.

We may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. The sight of palm trees conjures up images of a warm, breezy, tropical climate. You can actually enjoy palm trees in an abundance of climates. Palm trees either have feather-shaped or fan-shaped fronds, giving each one its own unique aesthetic.

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Do you feel like adding a tropical theme to your garden? Consider going with some palm trees around your property. Palm trees are a species for intermediate gardeners, as these trees can be somewhat sensitive to transplanting and weather conditions. Depending on the variety you plant in your garden, your palm trees may require regular maintenance to ensure they remain strong and healthy. Finding the proper site in your yard to plant your palm trees is a tricky situation.

Palm trees are the perfect choice to add a tropical touch to the landscape; however, palm trees are choosy about where they grow. There are so many palms growing with wild abandon on the South Carolina coast that it is easy to think they will thrive with such vigor here in the Midlands.

Sign up for our newsletter and get the latest in food, beauty, travel, fashion, plants, health, and other botanical curiosities. Sign up for our newsletter to enter for a chance to win a Farmacy gift set. Now until December 10th. Learn more about Farmacy. There is a pervasive image of Los Angeles— one can easily imagine the top down on a stylish convertible as it drives down a perfectly manicured road, loud music, palm trees rising on either side like the icons of a bygone age. The first ornamental palms were planted in the Los Angeles area during the 18th century by Spanish missionaries, for whom they had both practical and symbolic dimensions— palm trees are a famously biblical plant and their fronds are used during Palm Sunday and Ash Wednesday observances. The date palms planted by the missionaries provided no shade or fruit date palms require fertilization by hand in order to produce dates , and while the desert fan palm is native to Southern California, date palms, old Mexican fan palms, and queen palms would soon overtake Los Angeles.

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. I want to plant a date palm tree.

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