How to plant a garden while renting

How to plant a garden while renting

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As a tenant a garden can either be a blessing or a curse. If you've a family or enjoy gardening an outside space will be a big positive for you. On the other hand, if the thought of digging out a flower bed or mowing a lawn leaves you cold, you may think a garden is more trouble than it's worth. Of course, if you rent an apartment you won't have to think about a garden. A window box or potted plant in the corner will be the extent of your horticultural interests.

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Rent a Garden Plot

A new generation of urban gardeners has emerged. From low-maintenance succulents to full-on vegetable harvests, apartment gardening has never been more popular. And for a good reason. Renters and beginner gardeners alike, Apartment List is here to help. Below is a list of tips and tricks for starting your apartment gardening journey. Start small and choose your first plants carefully based on ease of care. Succulents make terrific first plants for beginners as they are virtually maintenance-free and come in a myriad of varieties such as jade, aloe vera, zebra plant, panda plant, and echeveria.

Pick plants to grow based on the amount of time you have to devote to your fledgling garden. Low maintenance types for those with a busy work schedule and fast-paced social life are best. For those homebodies and work at home freelancers, growing high maintenance species will be challenging but highly rewarding. Choose your first plants based on the positioning of windows and amount of light available in your space. Apartment garden varieties that thrive in the interior recesses require minimal light while some demand direct sunlight for hours a day.

For apartments with minimal windows, choose plants that are happiest in low light areas such as weeping figs, peace lilies, ivy, money plants, and fittonias. Lucky apartment owners who have multiple windows with ample hours of full direct sunlight will be able to grow a wide variety of house plants such as cacti, succulents, and tropical flowers.

Home chefs and health-centric apartment dwellers will love tending to and harvesting from an indoor kitchen garden. From artisanal lettuce to mini tomatoes, there are practically endless tasty plants to grow.

Don't forget to spruce up those meals with some herbs! A kitchen window provides ample space for creating a small herbs garden with favorite flavors to jazz up your dishes. For those who love flowers, annuals such as pansies, geraniums, petunias, and begonias will provide beautiful blooms.

For small apartments and studios, vertical planters that attach to the walls will allow you space to grow. Choosing slim and tall potted plant varieties will free up space as well. Window ledges can be used to hold long rectangular planters and tiny pots for a window garden effect.

Plants can purify the air, so placing them in the most oft-used rooms of the apartment can provide the most health benefits. Ivy and other vines will provide an eye-catching aesthetic when cascading down the sides of the planter. Add pops of playful color with vibrant-hued planters in a variety of shapes and textures.

Mix and match for an energetic display you and your plants will love. There is no end to the creative and unique planters available, a throw-back favorite has always been the Chia Pet and there are loads of other playful planters available instore and online.

Many people water their plants on the same schedule, which can lead to overwatering. Each plant has unique needs and water requirements.

Consult with the care instructions provided if you buy full-grown or starter plants. Additionally, the internet provides a plethora of valuable information for the care of plants based on species.

Soil type is important for plant health and growth. Many plants prefer a higher acidic to neutral soil with 7. Fertilizer can be used in potted plants but should be mixed with regular potting soil to avoid over-fertilization. Make sure all planters have enough drainage provided by holes in the bottom.A single layer of rocks can be added to the bottom of the planter to avoid blockage of drainage due to compacted soil.

You can discover everything available to get started with your apartment garden just by searching google or amazon. Mini greenhouses and portable greenhouse covers are helpful for an apartment with a low humidity environment.

Some varieties of plants grow better in high to medium humidity conditions such as dracaena, begonias, and ferns. List with us Sign up Log in. Renter Life. Rental Management. Company News. Product Updates. Apartment List Blog. Share this Article. By: Joanna Dorman. September 20,Joanna Dorman. Joanna is a freelance writer at Apartment List. She has over 16 years of experience creating interior design, furnishings, home decor, and home improvement content.

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Rent a Community Garden Plot

In the spring when the weather warms, everyone with a green thumb starts getting the itch to plant things and spend time outdoors in the dirt. When it comes to gardening, landlords and tenants often encounter tension on what exactly is allowed on the rental property. While tenants may want to put in a garden and reap the benefits—including growing their own food and making the place more homelike—landlords might disagree. Landlords are mostly interested in protecting their investment from damage and changes, even a garden. While some landlords may not mind at all, other landlords might be extremely opposed to a tenant taking a shovel and digging up the backyard.

Tenant responsibilities when it comes to gardening. The garden maintenance responsibilities of a tenant shouldn't be too cumbersome, and in most.

Garden Plots – Grow it yourself!

Along with this, a lot of landlords fully understand that each renter will have their preferences when it relates to gardens. Even though the cost to rent in Belfas t is a lot lower than Dublin for example, with some craftiness and some tips and tricks, you should be able to spruce up your garden with minimal cost. One of the best ways to create a low-cost and good-looking garden on a rental property would be using pots and planters. This can be a great way to give yourself a portable garden because you can move the pots and plants with you whenever you leave. This will also be a great way to give yourself instant gratification. Thus, you will have less to deal with when it comes to convincing them. You can find all kinds of things that can be grown in pots including but not limited to palms, herbs, and vegetables. A good budget place to find affordable planters would be a local reclamation yard. This is a good way to find alternatives to your standard clay pot.

How to manage garden maintenance in a rental property

Home » Knowledge Centre » How to manage garden maintenance in a rental property. A neglected garden both ruins the kerb appeal of your property and can be expensive and time-consuming to rectify. Pick your tenants carefully : If your property has a garden, you may, for example, be better focusing on longer term tenancies, who are more likely to take care of the garden, than shorter term ones. Design a low maintenance garden : go for slow growing, drought tolerant flowering shrubs and perennials combined with hard landscaping. Aim for a garden that will attract tenants without breaking the bank or requiring too much effort to maintain.

The Mesa Urban Garden provides already established with premium planting soil integrated into the native soil for deep plant growth.

New app AllotMe lets you rent out garden space to grow your own vegetables - here’s how it works

I decided to stop dreaming, and start doing. While I was on holidays , I came to decide that gardening really is a noble pursuit. Having a productive and successful garden is one of the many goals I have taped next to my bathroom mirror. The problem with creating a happy and productive garden is that, at my house, as with many tenanted properties in Adelaide, the yard is a bland, nutrient-devoid space. Treating the ground before putting anything in it and expecting it to grow is back-breaking work. For a start, you have to aerate the ground, you have to pull out the couch grass which can root in down to 15 cm by hand.

How to Grow a Garden When You're Renting

A while ago I started asking people what their biggest gardening struggles are. This is entirely understandable. Renting is impermanent and - at times - unpredictable. I get it. I would like to take this opportunity to reframe the situation in two specific ways. First, the impermanence issue. Yes, you won't be living there forever.

Pick plants to grow based on the amount of time you have to devote to your fledgling garden. Low maintenance types for those with a busy work.

9 ways to upgrade your garden while you’re renting

Anyone who has ever rented out a house knows the importance of having a low maintenance garden for their rental property. At My Rental, we provide Australian investment property owners with simple, innovative property management solutions at an affordable price. Simple, stunning, and a perfect way to add a little extra value to your property, hedges are as easy to take care of as they are a beautiful addition to your property. Whilst occasional trimming is preferred to keep them looking their best, hedges are very durable and are unlikely to die off regardless of how much effort is put into their upkeep.

Rent a Bed

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Spring has sprung and, for some, it gives motivation to cultivating your green thumb! When you live in a rental property, however, that can be a bit complicated when considering how to do so. Keep reading below to learn some tips on how to garden while living in a rental property. When getting creative about what to plant and grow at your rental property, start easy with herbs!

Even if you live in a tiny apartment, you should be able to grow some plants.

Renting a Property with a Garden

Fairfax County Park Authority garden plots have reopened. All garden are open from 9 a. Parking is available nearby. The parking lots are staffed and will open only to accommodate gardeners. Other park amenities that are currently closed remain closed. All garden plot rules apply except for active gardening deadlines. For example, gardeners must sanitize water hydrants after using them, and no tools may be shared.

Do you want to taste local vegetables, or do you want to grow your own vegetables under professional supervision? Then your are in the right place at Koningshof. At Koningshof we learn by doing things together. In our greenhouse, everything grows a month earlier than outside.