Rojo congo plant care

Rojo congo plant care

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Origin: Hybrid - but Philodendrons in general descend from South American rainforests. Philodendron Birkin entered the world as a spontaneous mutation of the Philodendron Rojo Congo. As a juvenile, this indoor plant typically displays smaller, completely green foliage. And as it matures, the creamy variegation comes through more and more with each subsequent new leaf. Some growth even displays fully cream-colored leaves.

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Note: Plant may slide differ as shown in the image. The stems are rich red-brown and the dark green leaves have a copper tone to them. Rojo will slowly get to 3m but makes a fine tabletop decoration in the meantime. This large plant is well-placed in big spaces and contrasts nicely with green foliage plants. Easily identifiable by its distinct red to coppery-colored young foliage, the leaves of this cultivar mature to dark green color with a red hue with age, and the stems retain their red color.

Leaves are glossy and smooth-edged. It can be used to create an attractive ornamental display, making this plant a great choice for growing inside as a houseplant.

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Flowers are small and not notable, arranged on arum-like spathes. Additional information Weight 0. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Choose an option 4 inch 6 inch 4 inch 6 inch Clear.

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Add To My Wish List. Hardiness Zone: 9. A dense, low spreading tropical plant with large glossy green leaves with a burgundy tinge ; foliage arches outward from red petioles; flowers rarely; great for indoor containers as a tropical accent. Rojo Congo Philodendron's attractive glossy oval leaves remain green in color with hints of burgundy throughout the year.

Philodendron rojo congo is an extremely durable plant which is low maintenance Care: Requires fertilizing times a year in spring.

Philodendron Birkin: In Depth Guide & Care Details

I have more than eight years of hands-on experience in the horticultural maintenance industry and shares many tricks of the trade. Philodendron Congo comes in many colors. Philodendron 'Rojo' is pictured above. Philodendron Congo is a large-leafed houseplant that, at first glance, embraces the feel of the jungle. This member of the Philodendron family has smooth-edged, oval-shaped leaves, and it can be found in a wide variety of species such as Rojo red leaves , Emerald dark green , Moonlight washed-out light green , and Green. There are many new hybrids of this species that do not grow into a vine, resulting in one upright plant, as opposed to a plant that grows out horizontally on a vine in search of new places to lay down its roots. This Philodendron can be a great choice if you have been searching for something to add a colorful accent to your home or office, or even if you just want something a little different than the same old, same old. It is most typically used as a large floor plant, but it can also make an interesting table piece or arrangement accent when found in smaller sizes. Congos, like most other Philodendrons, need moderation in pretty much every way. Like Goldy Locks, conditions should be neither too hot nor too cold; neither too bright nor too dark, and neither too moist nor too dry—everything should be just right.


Today we are going to look at two related philodendrons, Imperial Red and Rojo Congo. In fact, they are father and son or mother and son to be precise. And as is often the case, the difference between the relatives is insignificant. But not this time! Looking ahead I can say for sure that we will be talking about quite different plants.

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Philodendrons are native to the regions of America and the West Indies. They appeal to the gardeners and homemakers alike, thanks to their shiny, dark green, and attractive foliage! Many exotic varieties bring a certain tropical feel indoors.So, if you too are planning to grow philodendron indoors, here is everything you need to know about philodendron plant care! These plants are mainly categorized into two categories: Vining and Non-vining.

Philodendron Selloum - Rojo Congo

Take me out of any ceramic pots when watering to stop my roots rotting. Keep me away from any cold spots in the house. Although it appears to be self-heading, it will actually climb so I recommend using a sphagnum moss pole or bamboo canes to support the plant and allow it to reach it's full potential. This plant is fairly wide bodied, with smooth-edged leaves that are oval shaped. Leaves unfurl as a rich red colour and as the plant matures they become much darker burgundy to green. Although Philodendron 'Rojo Congo' can tolerate lower light, growth will be faster and leaves will be larger when the plant is positioned in a brighter, indirectly lit spot. Water: Allow the first inches of mix to dry out, pour water slowly over the top and allow the water to pass through the drainage holes.

A humidity level anywhere above 50% is what I would recommend for best results. But don't go crazy over it. Just spritz the plant with water.

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Learn all about philodendron birkin care, including its origin, how much light it needs, and what to do if it loses variegation! Caring for this beautiful tropical plant is easy! They are compact, somewhat slow-growing, and relatively easy to care for.

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I earn a commission if you make a purchase through my referral links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Philodendron rojo is an exquisite floor plant that brings elegance and completes the decor of any spacious room, hallway or terrace. Despite being a native to tropical areas of South America, it can be kept as a houseplant if its light, temperature, soil and watering requirements are met. Most philodendrons exhibit a fast growth pattern and the philodendron rojo is no exception.

If you have a green Philodendron congo, a cordatum hederaceum , or a T. Red philodendrons, such as P.

Light: Philodendron 'Congo' does best in medium to bright indirect light. The green 'Congo' variety may handle lower light conditions better than cultivars such as "Rojo Congo'. Water: Water your Philodendron 'Congo' when about half to nearly all of the soil has gone dry. Philodendron 'Congo' are pretty easy going plants and do not require any added humidity. Did you know?

Rojo Congo is a fantastic indoor plant that is extremely durable and low in maintenance. Also works well in protected gardens. The beautiful, large glossy leaves have dark almost burgundy coloured foliage and are perfect for creating a tropical atmosphere around shaded outdoor living areas. This stunning bold plant cleans the air while beautifying the surroundings.